Paula Isermann Enoruwa

Reflexzonenmassagen von Füßen, Händen und Ohren


"Reflex Zone Massage” of Feet, Hands and Ears


The massage is "Balm for the Soul“. Simply to be touched and the touch itself has healing powers.

A massage gives relaxation, unblocks your energy flow as well as promoting the self-healing powers of the body.

The "reflex foot massage“ has a relaxed feelings result and promotes your well-being. It can also help with many symptoms and assists you very particularly in the reduction of possible illness.
With this treatment certain parts or points of your foot are identified, which are connected with other separate body parts. Similar to acupressure, one can strengthen or stimulate these body zones by using gentle pressure or massaging.

The blood flow in the reflexive zones as well as the particular organs and body parts will be improved. The detoxication and filtering organs (e.g. kidneys, skin, intestine, liver) will be stimulated for improved performance. Fasting and other natural healing methods will be effectively improved and supported through the "reflex foot massage".

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